DevOpsConf Speakers

Announcement of speakers and topics for our first DevOps conference

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Cognetiks Consulting are happy to announce our speakers for our very first DevOpsConf on the 7th May 2020.

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In no particular order:

Obi Ikegulu


Host, Introduction to Devops.

  • Introduction to devops (The history of Devops)
  • Why your DevOps transformation is failing. (challenges ecountered)
  • Mistakes that doom a DevOps transformation from the start.

Hardish Wilkhu


Active, not reactive systems - Leveraging FAAS to create dynamic systems that self heal.

Even with the best monitoring and alerting solution the problem still falls in the lap of a human who needs to be readily available 24/7 to react. That is time the the system is vulnerable or time the system is unavailable. Having seen this across industries, we promote an active system, leveraging events to drive automated actions and changes to keep it safe while we sleep.

Eli Ezeugoh

Head of Engineering - Wireless, News UK

Building and grooming teams for DevOps - lessons for hiring managers.

Adopting and entrenching a DevOps culture is a team sport and requires buy-in from across the development organisation. This talk will go through the opportunities presented, challenges faced and and lessons learned when I was tasked with assembling a team to insource the talkSPORT mobile apps and supporting backends.

Sia Gholami

Lead DevOps Engineer

Git the basics: Effectively leveraging git for development and release.

In the modern world of all things devops, git emerged as the the heart of development and CI/CD. We use git to keep track of our application source, infrastructure templates, config management code, ops scripts and so much more. So let's take this opportunity to cover some tips and tricks for using git effectively as well as leveraging it in a larger development workflow to build and deploy your code. This session is aimed at people with a little to intermediate levels of git experience.

Nabil Andaloussi

Platform Engineer

An introduction to automating and managing kafka resources with the strimzi kubernetes operator.

Managing a large scale implementation of kafka with a microservice ecosystem can be particularly challenging. This talk will introduce you to some of the fundamentals of kafka Topic and User management using the CNCF Strimzi kubernetes operator for microservice environments

Itopa (Malik) Sulé

Agility Coach

Continuous Exploration and DevOps

DevOps helps organizations overcome the so called ‘wall of confusion’ between software development and operations. However, this is just part of the overall system. In our ever changing world, organizations’ ability to respond to changes is key to their survival. DevOps needs to incorporate continuous exploration, based on customer feedback, in addition to continuous integration and delivery. This 30mins talk reviews few options towards achieving this.

Ola Tunde

Principal Enterprise Transformation Coach|Speaker | DevOps Trainer

Agile DevOps Dojo is a place where Agile team members go for hands-on experience.

In Japan, a dojo is a safe environment where someone can practice new skills.

In software development and, Agile DevOps Dojos provide Agile teams with an immersive environment where team members can gain practical work experience without having to worry about introducing errors into the production environment as the team deliver more to prod environment with virtually no defects.

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