8 Guides to Choosing the Right Cloud Service Provider

Posted: May 31st, 2022

The market is vast; the industry has a myriad of providers offering a vast host of services, from giants like Amazon, Microsoft and Google to smaller niche players offering bespoke cloud services; which makes the selection of the right cloud provider increasingly challenging.

How do you select the right cloud provider from so many?

The answer is very simple. There is a need for organisations to define their selection and procurement process based on their unique set of needs.

However, to make it easier for organisations, we have put up 8 key areas for consideration before picking your cloud provider. This will help you compare appropriately and select a provider that delivers the value and benefits your organization expects from the cloud.

√ Cost

√ Certifications & Standards

√ Data Security

√ Reliability and Performance

√ Transparency

√ Manageability

√ Migration Support, Vendor Lock-in & Exit Planning

√ Business health & Company profile

In conclusion, one of the major reasons businesses move to the cloud is to modernise and scale faster, as well as to enjoy the benefits of reducing onboarding cost and speed. Therefore, as an organisation, if you pay attention to this consideration before picking a cloud provider, you will land on the one suitable for your business.

As a certified AWS Partner, we ensure that businesses that come to us have the best of partnering with the AWS cloud and enjoying our unique abilities in applying the best methodologies and principles of DevOps and the cloud.

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