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Cloud migrations and optimisations. Our expertise in the cloud will help you modernise your infrastructure.

Get to know about DevOps

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the set of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that work to automate and integrate the processes between software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops), so that teams can build, test, and deliver applications and services at high speed.

“The goal is to continuously improve the value given to your customers”.

Explore the advantages of DevOps for your company

Why Cognetiks DevOps services?

At Cognetiks we provide a variety of cloud services to meet your unique needs.

Our Cloud Services

Cloud Strategy

We listen to you, define clear objectives for your company and provide blue prints for deployment using suitable cloud services.

Rapid TCO Assessment

Our ability to swiftly estimate the total cost of ownership provides us the capacity to determine the financial feasibility and benefits of your projects.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

At Cognetiks we evaluate a company’s preparedness to migrate to the cloud, recognize the areas of deficiency and plan for a seamless transition.

Application Migration

We have helped organizations boost their performance while cutting down cost by migrating their applications to the cloud.

Cloud-Native Product Development

Our engineers are skilled in creating solutions designed for cloud environments. Our offerings exploit the scalability, resilience, and agility of cloud services

Cloud-Native Modernisation

We modernize existing applications to boost the performance, scalability, and save cost in cloud environments

Container Strategy

We create a blueprint for deploying containerized applications and guarantee a streamlined rollout, scaling, and management across diverse environments.

Microservice Development

At Cognetiks Consulting, we employ the use of a microservice architecture in the design and development of applications. Hence, our customers are able to unleash flexibility, scalability, and maintain applications effortlessly.

Customer Experience (CX) Design

We place huge emphasis on customer experience. Hence we continue to improve satisfaction and loyalty.

We design customized DevOps stacks for your unique need by incorporating tools, automating deployments and guaranteeing flawless cooperation for effectiveness.

Our DevOps Stacks

Continuous Delivery

Configuration Management

Infrastructure As Code

Monitoring & Logging

Let’s help your organisation adopt cloud and devops best practices

Supercharge your Cloud and DevOps journey with our expert team. We bring vast experience with leading technologies, ensuring a swift and efficient transformation.

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