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Engineering, Training and Consultancy services for organisations across multiple industries adopting Cloud and DevOps on AWS.

At Cognetiks we maximize AWS Cloud Adoption by implementing best practices in view of providing solutions to distinct challenges.

AWS Guaranteed Partner

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

As an AWS Consulting Partner, we specialize in DevOps, optimizing your development lifecycle with agility and efficiency. Leverage our expertise for an AWS journey marked by innovation, optimization, and tangible results.

AWS Authorised Training Partners

As an AWS Authorized Training Partner, we provide top-notch training programs designed to equip your team with essential cloud skills. Our expert instructors offer hands-on training covering a wide range of AWS services, ensuring your team is prepared to thrive in the cloud.

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Explore our AWS Offerings

Our AWS Offerings

AWS Lambda

Cognetiks optimizes services through AWS Lambda, providing cost-effective, automated, and scalable solutions. With Lambda, we ensure seamless code execution without the hassle of server management.

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AWS API Gateway

At Cognetiks, we utilize AWS API Gateway to build and manage APIs, facilitating seamless communication between diverse systems. This service enables secure and efficient connectivity, ensuring your applications run smoothly.

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Network and Content

Cognetiks leverages AWS Network and Content Delivery services to optimize data transfer and enhance the overall performance of your applications. We ensure efficient content delivery and robust network configurations for seamless user experiences.

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Database Administration

We excel in AWS Database Administration, optimizing and securing databases for peak performance. Our expertise covers database design, maintenance, and scalability, ensuring your data infrastructure aligns with your business goals.

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AWS CloudFormation

Cognetiks simplifies infrastructure management using AWS CloudFormation, enabling automated provisioning and deployment of AWS resources. Our experts leverage this service for efficient and consistent infrastructure as code (IaC) implementations.

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At Cognetiks, we streamline database management with AWS RDS for efficient and secure relational databases, ensuring optimal performance and ongoing administration.

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Cognetiks leverages AWS EKS to simplify Kubernetes cluster management, offering a scalable and secure solution for containerized applications. We ensure seamless deployment, scaling, and orchestration in your cloud environment.

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At Cognetiks, we utilize AWS EC2 to provide scalable compute capacity in the cloud. Our experts ensure efficient deployment and management of virtual servers, tailored to meet your specific computing needs.

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AWS System Manager

At Cognetiks, we utilize AWS EC2 to provide scalable compute capacity in the cloud. Our experts ensure efficient deployment and management of virtual servers, tailored to meet your specific computing needs.

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At Cognetiks, we leverage Amazon ECS for scalable containerized computing. With AWS EC2, we expertly deploy and manage virtual servers, ensuring tailored performance to meet your needs.

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At Cognetiks, we utilize AWS WAF (Web Application Firewall) to protect your web applications from common web exploits and attacks. Our solutions ensure robust security and compliance for your online presence.

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Our Expertise includes a number of AWS Services

AWS Service Delivery Program


Cloud Formation


API Gateway





System Manager

Explore our Certifications

Our AWS Certifications

Rave reviews from satisfied clients

Hear from our clients

Working with Cognetiks Consulting on our authentication microservices project was a game-changer. Their expertise in containerization, orchestration, and troubleshooting resulted in improved stability, performance, and scalability. Their custom Helm charts and GitOps deployment approach streamlined our processes. I highly recommend Cognetiks Consulting for innovative solutions and exceptional results.

Niyi Falade

- Roche

Working with Cheetwood Financial to develop their financial decision engine was a game-changer. Our expertise in AWS services, serverless architecture, and secure communication delivered exceptional results. Chetwood now benefits from enhanced decision-making, scalability, and actionable insights. Our partnership with Chetwood Financial showcases our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology solutions that drive transformation and business growth. I highly recommend collaborating with our team to achieve similar success in your organization

Alex Smith

- Cheetwood Financial

Working with Cognetiks Consulting on our session management serverless application was transformative. Their expertise in AWS services, security, and infrastructure automation resulted in enhanced security, scalability, and simplified management. Our collaboration with Cognetiks Consulting exceeded expectations, and I highly recommend their services for delivering robust and secure solutions.

John Noble


Cognetiks is a highly professional and collaborative team to work with. They demonstrated a keen ability to understand our specific requirements and provided valuable advice in areas where we lacked clarity. Their track record of consistently delivering high-quality work within budget and timelines is impressive. The team comprises of knowledgeable individuals who can communicate effectively with stakeholders at all levels. I would confidently recommend their services without any hesitation.

Mark Traverse

- Megger

The team at Cognetiks offer excellent level of service, always happy to help with any technical issues and are very knowledgable.

Colin Brown

CTO- Adimo

The guys at Cognetiks are extremely professional and easy to work with. They are fully able to understand our requirements and even advise on areas we are unsure of ourselves. They have a proven track record of delivering high-quality work on time and to budget. They are a team of knowledgeable individuals who can communicate with others on all levels. Therefore I would have no hesitation recommending their services.

Michael Williamson

Electronics & Firmware Lead- Smart Componenent Tech

Cognetiks showed a great understanding of our requirements and deligently executed it with utmost rofessionalism. They were able to architect a solution that not only secured our applications and delivered what we needed in terms of CI/CD, but also saved us cost. Their team were extremely knowledgable and always available to help.

Lanre Smith

MD- WorldBay Tech

Unlock the Full Potential of AWS with Cognetiks

As an AWS Consulting Partner, Cognetiks is your dedicated ally in harnessing the power of AWS. Collaborate with us to transform your business, accelerate innovation, and achieve unparalleled success in the cloud. Let's navigate the AWS landscape together and empower your organization for the digital future.

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