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Explore real-world examples of how Cognetiks Consulting has transformed businesses through innovative cloud and DevOps solutions. Discover how we drive success and inspire growth through our tailored approaches and strategic partnerships.

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Our Case Studies

Smart CT

This document presents a case study highlighting the work done with Smart CT by Cognetiks Consulting.

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Revolutionizing IT Infrastructure for Adimo's Shoppable Marketing Platform.

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This document presents a case study highlighting the work done with Megger by Cognetiks Consulting.

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Streamlining Authentication and Authorization with a Secure Serverless Application.

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Revolutionizing Financial Decision-making: A Case Study on Chetwood Financial.

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Orchestrating Secure and Reliable Microservices for Roche with Amazon EKS and GitOps.

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Seamless AI Integration: Amazon EKS Deployment for Rainbird's Decision Platform

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Avon Empowers Global Transformation with Cognetiks' AWS Expertise.

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Congnetiks transforms grocery shopping with a scalable USSD platform.

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