Case Study: Revolutionizing IT Infrastructure for Adimo's Shoppable Marketing Platform

This case study showcases the transformative work undertaken by Cognetiks Consulting in collaboration with Adimo, a leading provider of shoppable marketing solutions. By leveraging our expertise in Cloud Platform Engineering, Continuous Delivery, Cloud/DevOps Consultancy, and Cloud Operations, we empowered Adimo to enhance its IT infrastructure and support its business growth with exceptional scalability and operational efficiency.

Client Background

Adimo is a technology company that revolutionizes marketing by seamlessly integrating content, commerce, and customers. Their suite of globally scalable shoppable marketing solutions empowers the world's leading Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands to drive online sales using real-time retailer sales data. With a client base spanning over 500+ brands across 6 continents, operating in 40 markets and beyond, and serving over 5 billion shoppers worldwide in 35+ languages, Adimo required a robust IT infrastructure that could scale seamlessly to support their expanding business needs. Recognizing this imperative, Adimo engaged Cognetiks Consulting to provide comprehensive cloud engineering support and ensure the long-term scalability and reliability of their core platform.

Continuous Delivery: Streamlining Software Deployment

To enable Adimo's development team to focus on innovation and value-added work, Cognetiks Consulting designed and implemented automated CI/CD pipelines for Adimo's Microservices. By eliminating previously cumbersome and time-consuming manual deployment processes, we accelerated software delivery, enhanced stability, and ensured sustainable development practices. This strategic shift allowed Adimo to channel its resources towards differentiated work.

Cloud Platform Engineering and Support

Working in close collaboration with the Adimo team, Cognetiks Consulting orchestrated the migration of all production microservices from a malfunctioning cluster, plagued by misconfigurations, to a properly configured ECS cluster. This new infrastructure incorporated Capacity Providers with Cluster AutoScaling across multiple availability zones, enabling Adimo's application developers to focus solely on running tasks while the infrastructure effortlessly adapted to the applications’ requirements. The migration was executed swiftly, without any recorded downtime, resulting in enhanced stability and resilience. Additionally, this optimization reduced Adimo's infrastructure spending for specific container instances by 25%, leading to significant cost savings.

To address Adimo's disaster recovery objectives, our team implemented programmatic workflows using AWS Step Functions state machines. These workflows seamlessly replicated Adimo's databases across multiple AWS regions and accounts, ensuring data redundancy and high availability.

To improve performance and reduce latency for Adimo's consumer-facing applications, Cognetiks Consulting implemented AWS CloudFront cache for static content and Read-only APIs. By leveraging the global caching capabilities of CloudFront, we enhanced the responsiveness of core API endpoints across the world, improving the overall user experience.

Furthermore, to minimize connection latency for international users, we strategically redeployed existing serverless applications in regions closest to those users. This approach optimized performance and reinforced Adimo's commitment to providing a seamless experience for its global customer base.

Recognizing the growing need for secure remote access, we set up an AWS ClientVPN solution for Adimo's remote workforce. This implementation ensured that Adimo employees could securely access AWS resources from any location, fostering flexibility and productivity.

Cloud Platform Operations: Maximizing Cost Efficiency and Performance

Cognetiks Consulting harnessed the cost management and optimization solutions provided by AWS to help Adimo achieve significant cost savings without compromising performance. By leveraging our expertise, we crafted a comprehensive cost optimization strategy, potentially driving down AWS spending by over 50%. Our team recommended and implemented practical measures to optimize cost across Adimo's cloud environments, ensuring that their investment aligned with their operational requirements.

To ensure the reliable performance of Adimo's production systems, we implemented a full-scale monitoring solution. Leveraging AWS CloudWatch and Amazon SNS, and integrating third-party tools such as SolarWinds Pingdom and Squadcast. We configured advanced monitoring mechanisms that alerted Adimo's teams to any unusual behaviour. With instant alerts and rapid incident management, potential performance issues were proactively addressed, minimizing disruptions and maximizing system uptime.

Cloud and DevOps Consultancy: Enabling Innovation and Platform Stability

By engaging Cognetiks Consulting for Cloud and DevOps Consultancy, Adimo unlocked the full potential of its cloud operations. Our team of seasoned engineers provided invaluable expertise in tackling cloud operational challenges and enhancing platform stability. This partnership empowered Adimo's internal teams to prioritize product innovation and improvement, knowing that their IT infrastructure was in capable hands. With our support, Adimo is in a strong position to meet its expanding business needs and exceed customer expectations.

End Result

Through our collaboration with Adimo, we demonstrated our proficiency in Cloud Platform Engineering, Continuous Delivery, Cloud/DevOps Consultancy, and Cloud Operations. By leveraging the power of cloud technologies and implementing robust solutions, we enabled Adimo to scale its shoppable marketing platform, streamline software delivery, optimise infrastructure costs, and enhance performance and security. Our partnership empowered Adimo to focus on innovation and product improvements, while we ensured the stability and reliability of their IT operations. With our comprehensive expertise and client-centric approach, we are ready to guide your organisation towards success in the evolving digital landscape.

With the Cloud and web expertise of Cognetiks Consulting at their disposal, the internal SCT team could channel their energies to innovate on their core technologies

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