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Adimo’s technology platform connects content, commerce and customers. Through a suite of globally scalable shoppable marketing solutions, it helps the world’s leading CPG brands drive online sales with real-time retailer sales data. Working with over 500+ Brands across 6 continents in 40 markets and counting with over 5bn shoppers worldwide and growing activated in 35+ languages. This meant that the underlying IT infrastructure had to evolve to support business growth.

Cloud Platform Operations

We utilized the cost management and optimization solutions on AWS to help Adimo achieve the highest saving potential and still keep the performance and capacity required for their workload. The result was a cost optimization strategy with the potential to drive down AWS spending by more than 50%. We recommended and most cases implemented practical measures to optimize cost throughout their cloud environments.

We implemented a full-scale monitoring solution on the right metrics for all of Adimo’s production systems in order to alert on unusual behaviour using AWS CloudWatch, SNS and integration with third-party tools like Solarwind’s Pingdom and Squadcast for incident management and escalation to the appropriate teams. The team at Cognetiks Consulting set up advanced monitoring to instantly trigger remedial action if performance problems arose.

Cloud Platform Engineering/Support

We migrated all of Adimo’s production microservices from a cluster malfunctioning due to some misconfigurations to a properly configured ECS cluster with Capacity Providers created for the Cluster AutoScaling on multiple availability zones. This allowed the application developers to focus on running tasks while the infrastructure simply responds to the application requirements. All of these were swiftly implemented within a relatively short period of time without any recorded downtime. In addition to having an infrastructure that responds to the workload, Adimo’s infrastructure spending was reduced by 25% for those specific container instances, saving thousands of dollars.

The team at Cognetiks Consulting designed and implemented programmatic workflows to seamlessly replicate Adimo’s databases across multiple AWS regions and accounts in order to meet Adimo’s disaster recovery objectives. We used AWS Step Functions state machines to orchestrate the AWS lambda functions in the workflow.

cloud and devops
Cloud engineering support from Cognetiks Consulting ensured the core platform had the necessary scalability. We joined forces with the Adimo team to prioritise areas for ongoing improvement as business and IT requirements change.

Continuous Delivery

We helped design and implement automated CI/CD pipelines for Adimo's Microservices to ensure software delivery is fast, stable and sustainable. This eliminated previously clunky and slow deployment processes with a lot of manual steps that drained development time and resources. This now enables the Adimo team to focus on innovation and differentiated work.

Cloud and DevOps Consultancy

With engineers from Cognetiks Consulting available to tackle Cloud operational challenges and improve platform stability, the team at Adimo can focus their efforts on product innovation and improvement. And now, Adimo is in a strong position to meet its expanding business needs.

We implemented AWS CloudFront cache for a number of Adimo’s static contents and Read-only APIs in order to reduce latency across the world on core API endpoints for their consumer-facing applications and We have had to redeployed existing serverless applications in regions closest to international users in order to reduce connection latency.

The team at Cognetiks Consulting have been great to work with, coming up with elegant solutions to some complex problems, at scale. They help with any technical issues and are very knowledgable and their implementations have been delivered to a high standard. A pleasure to work with.

- Colin Brown, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Adimo.

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