Avon Empowers Global Transformation with Cognetiks' AWS Expertise

Avon, a renowned global beauty company with a rich history spanning 135 years, faced challenges in adapting its traditional business model to meet the evolving needs of its diverse customer base. To enhance its digital capabilities, support its global network of Beauty Advisers, and drive positive social impact, Avon sought the expertise of Cognetiks. The collaboration aimed to leverage the AWS Cloud platform and enhance DevOps practices, ensuring a secure, scalable, and innovative environment.


Avon faced challenges with their on-premises infrastructure, which hindered scalability, security, and operational efficiency. The existing setup struggled to support their global network of Beauty Advisers and incurred high server costs. Additionally, their development pipeline was inefficient, lacking modern CI/CD processes and real-time monitoring capabilities. This necessitated a comprehensive migration to a robust, scalable, and cost-effective cloud solution that could enhance performance, security, and sustainability while supporting Avon's commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

The Solution

Cognetiks collaborated with Avon to develop a comprehensive AWS Cloud migration strategy. Following best practices and the well-architected framework, Cognetiks conducted a thorough assessment of Avon's existing infrastructure. The plan aimed to enhance security, scalability, and efficiency while aligning with Avon's commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Leveraging AWS services such as EC2 for Windows, AWS Manager, CloudFront, AWS WAF for backend API services, and AWS Amplify and Cognito for front-end services, Cognetiks designed an architecture tailored to Avon's unique requirements. Utilizing Terraform and the AWS management console, Cognetiks built a robust infrastructure that supported Avon's global network of Beauty Advisers. The migration plan focused on cost optimization, achieving a 38% reduction in server costs compared to the traditional on-premises setup. GitHub Actions were implemented for CI/CD, replacing outdated processes and ensuring a more streamlined and efficient development pipeline. Visual dashboards were created to monitor the CI/CD workflow, empowering Avon to identify and address issues promptly.

The Outcome

The migration to the AWS Cloud, coupled with the adoption of DevOps best practices, resulted in a transformative outcome for Avon. The company achieved a 38% reduction in server costs, enabling them to allocate resources more efficiently. The new solution provided Avon with a scalable and secure environment, supporting Beauty Advisers globally. The implementation of GitHub Actions for CI/CD enhanced development speed, ensuring timely releases of innovative beauty products. Cognetiks' expertise empowered Avon to embrace digital transformation, aligning with their mission of creating a better world for women through economic empowerment and positive social impact.

Avon expressed satisfaction with the collaboration, highlighting Cognetiks' ability to deliver a solution that not only addressed technical challenges but also supported Avon's commitment to social responsibility. The success of the project showcased the power of AWS Cloud and DevOps practices in driving meaningful business transformation for a company with a legacy as profound as Avon's.

With the cloud and web expertise provided by Cognetiks Consulting, the Avon team directed their efforts towards innovating their core technologies.

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