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This case study presents the exceptional work undertaken by Cognetiks Consulting in collaboration with Smart Component Technologies (SCT), a leading provider of innovative condition-monitoring solutions for automated and real-time asset monitoring. Cognetiks Consulting played a pivotal role in transforming SCT's operations by developing cutting-edge applications, implementing robust continuous integration and continuous delivery processes, and leveraging cloud platform engineering expertise.

Client Background

Smart Component Technologies (SCT) specializes in revolutionising asset inspection and maintenance by providing innovative solutions for automated and real-time asset monitoring. Their solutions involve deploying sensor nodes strategically at critical areas to dynamically assess switch component health and substructure conditions in real time. SCT sought to develop a cloud-native application to receive data from the sensor devices and create a user-friendly client-facing application for effective substructure monitoring by operators.

Software Development

The Cognetiks team leveraged a modern technology stack comprising Python, JavaScript, DynamoDB, and Amazon RDS to develop a full-stack application. This application enabled the creation of backend APIs and intuitive UI dashboards, providing operators with real-time visualizations of switch component health. By accessing these dashboards through web browsers, operators could monitor asset conditions at a glance, empowering them to make informed decisions promptly. Cognetiks Consulting's adeptness in software development ensured a seamless user experience and efficient data processing.

Cloud Platform Engineering

Collaborating closely with the internal SCT technical team, Cognetiks Consulting designed a robust cloud application architecture that aligned seamlessly with the project requirements. The application received data from sensor devices and integrated SCT's proprietary technology to process the data and generate valuable metrics. To fulfil the project requirements, Cognetiks Consulting leveraged its expertise in developing a distributed and serverless application, capitalizing on various AWS-managed services such as Lambda functions, DynamoDB, SQS, SecretsManager, S3, and Amazon RDS. Throughout the development process, the Cognetiks Consulting engineers maintained close communication with the SCT team, effectively adapting to changing requirements.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Cognetiks Consulting implemented robust continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines, automating the progression of code changes throughout the development cycle. This approach ensured that additional features and changes were deployed individually, following an efficient testing and deployment process. Cognetiks' expertise in automated testing contributed to the seamless integration of new functionalities while maintaining secure and reliable software delivery from the outset.

By partnering with Cognetiks Consulting, SCT's internal team could focus on innovating its core technologies, leveraging Cognetiks' expertise in cloud and web technologies.

End Result

Cognetiks Consulting empowered SCT to focus on its core technologies while harnessing the power of the cloud and web. The collaboration between SCT and Cognetiks Consulting has paved the way for secure, scalable and more cost-efficient operations. At Cognetiks Consulting, we take pride in our ability to drive digital transformation, empower clients with cutting-edge solutions, and deliver exceptional results. Contact us today to discover how we can help your organization achieve its technology goals.

With the Cloud and web expertise of Cognetiks Consulting at their disposal, the internal SCT team could channel their energies to innovate on their core technologies

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