Posted: November 17th, 2022

Cloud backup, also known as online backup or remote backup, is a strategy for sending a copy of a physical or virtual file or database to a secondary, off-site location for preservation in case of equipment failure or catastrophe. One of the many advantages of cloud computing and the services hosted there is cloud storage. Cloud backup is a service quite similar to this cloud storage facility. It is a practical tool that gives organisations the confidence to secure their files and other digital assets.

Implementing cloud data backup can help boost an organization's data protection strategy without increasing the workload of information technology (IT) staff. The labour-saving benefit may be significant and enough of a consideration to offset some of the additional costs associated with cloud backup, such as data transmission charges. Also, unlike traditional backup techniques where data is locally stored on a hard drive or tape with limited capacity, cloud-based backup can be quickly scaled up or down.


  • Safeguarding Data and Apps
  • Rapid Data Recovery
  • Reliable Disaster Recovery
  • Flexible Storage

Although it is never pleasant to consider situations like your company’s servers getting lost, stolen, or damaged, it is a possibility. Therefore, organisations should plan for it to prevent a worst-case scenario.

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