Modernize Your Applications and Infrastructure with AWS

Transform your business IT operations by migrating legacy systems, embracing serverless computing, and accelerating development with AWS.

Modernize Your Applications and Infrastructure with AWS

Gain valuable insights in this session with our guest speaker, a seasoned AWS expert Phurba Dorjee

2 Speakers

150 + Attendees

Lagos, Nigeria

11th July, 2024. 10:00 am

Accelerate your Migration and Modernization Journey which includes -

  • Seamless migration of existing applications to the cloud.

  • Orchestrating your Migration and Modernization.

  • Migration Strategy.

  • Cognetiks Consulting as your Solutions Consultant.

  • Live Question and Answer Session.

This event is perfect for :

  • Top business executives

  • DevOps engineers

  • IT Managers and Directors

  • Cloud Architects

  • Software Developers

  • System administrators

  • IT consultants, and

  • Project Managers seeking to gain valuable insights on how to transform and scale up their operations with technology.

Don't miss it.

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